Why you should choose ‘Sxeriff’ as your fashion designer

The month of December is fast approaching and so are all the festivities with it. A time of union with bright lights and gatherings that go on for days at a time, everything about this season whispers comfort and belonging amongst each other.

And what better way to celebrate than to gift your loved ones, something that is specially curated for them? Something that is not only fashionable, comfortable, and unique but also sustainable.

Fashion designer shops in Bangalore are not hard to find but choosing from the various options that exist can sometimes be an exhausting job. ‘Sxeriff’ can play a role in helping you choose the best, one-of-a-kind gift, while remaining ethical and conscious. Formal wear might seem like unusual gifts but when we keep in mind the rush of weddings and the exciting New Year’s Eve that this month brings along with it, your gift might just transcend how fitting and appropriate it is for the season. With a wide variety of formal wear to choose from; Vests, pants, suits for women and men and even masks, ‘Sxeriff’ can gear you up for the exciting season like no other.

Gifting formal wear comes along with the fear of how heavy a good piece might weigh on the pockets, but this fashion designer shop based in Bangalore spreads their price ranges: all the way from approximately 4,999/- for a set of a formal pants and shirt to classic bespoke merino wool suit worth roughly around 65,000/- and above.

 Customizability, in terms of tailor-made clothes for your loved ones are an option too, with being able to choose the material, the required length, pocket design and even the color and type of button! Bespoke fashion is another quality ‘Sxeriff’ believes in and delivers. While fashionable clothes can be found at most places, ones that frame one well, while also being comfortable are a struggle in themselves and trips to the tailor add to it. Customized gifts, though require some effort and time, add charm and aid in a truly valuable investment and are tailored well to fit you, or your loved one, perfectly. Designs can be personalized as well, and numerous sketches and references are shown to help you make a fit that matches your vision, from the lining of your fit to even the shoulder pads. Clearly, while having a keen eye for detail, the entire experience is tailored to your comfort.

With the wedding season, grooms and brides can decide to go a little different yet comfortable with the enormous variety available that can go along for just any event; May it be the engagement or a cocktail party.

The variety of masks too knows no bounds, with a summer, premium and even a diamond collection. The masks are handmade and made to fit, while being breathable and gentle on the skin.

At ‘Sxeriff’, the effect of a tailored piece of clothing is kept in mind, with each piece that is sown; the experience is made even more enriching with the customer’s specific likings and dislikes, all taken into consideration. As such, each piece is just as unique as you make it to be, while also making sure the cloth sits on one’s shoulders, as lightly as possible. You can start on your own customized fit today by visiting their website!

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