About us

Sustainable business-wear for conscious entrepreneurs

Origin Story


When I got a black jacket/pant from a store, it always had some sort of weirdly unusual element of another colour. The fit was off, either the sleeves or the length. But I wanted it to be a well-fitted jacket/pant in Jet Black, each & every single detail, from the zipper to the stitch. And at times I wanted the sleeves or the buttons to be entirely different.”


The desire & power to make these improvisations is why this brand was created. I created S’XERIFF in December 2017. It began with a passion for designing & curating well-fitted garments for myself. 


Where it All Began.

As a kid, I was chubby, and the fit of the clothes that my mom would get me would be oversized so that they would fit me. But then the sleeves would be too long, or the overall length would be too long. Since my mom had a boutique. I would go to her masters & have them altered according to my specifications.


“I’ve been designing & curating outfits since mid-2017. But I have been exposed to the fashion industry since the age of 4. I always sat beside my mom at the boutique as my father wasn’t around much; he was a frequent flyer. When I was 12 yrs old, he passed on. My mother took me to every market. We sourced fabrics & every other raw element, in the boutique, I observed her style of conversing with the masters & the clients. How she experimented with colours & embroidery.”  

I subconsciously happened to learn the tricks of the trade if not consciously.



In today’s fashion-driven industry, one does not get what you want when it comes to well-fitted garments. Even if there are excellent tailors in the market to have it altered, they’re too expensive, and the affordable ones don’t understand what the client wants. It is a massive inconsistency in the industry. 

That’s when my passion began, “I wanted to give out luxury clothing at affordable rates. Well-tailored garments made precisely the way you want it. To your exact measurements. The S’XERIFF way.


What to Expect?

I grew up in an environment with culturally diverse people around me. I’ve seen the best of vogues in fashion. The bright-coloured outfits from my mom’s boutique, the bandhgalas, bandis & sherwanis, rich with heritage & embroidery. Modern business wear like safari suits, pants, ties, & bow-ties through the men of the family when I lived in Dubai, as they worked at American firms.” 

This blend of culture inspires me to curate a garment for the modern entrepreneur who is a dedicated Indian at heart. With elements of his country’s heritage, while still being head to head with the rest of the world.